‘Grim’ Iowa Spring Flooding Forecast Has Homeowners On Edge

In what may unfortunately seem like wet déjà vu all over again, apprehensive Iowa homeowners are again bracing for potentially severe flooding this spring. In a word, the National Weather Service calls Iowa’s spring flooding forecast “grim.” The NWS is predicting a strong threat for potentially serious flooding in eastern Iowa. From the Mississippi River […]

Iowa’s Forecast Calling For Elevated Spring Flood Risk

Don’t Sit On Buying Flood Insurance For Your Home, the NWS Warns An optimist would see Iowa’s chances of enduring major flooding this spring as a glass half empty. The Good Lord willing, the Hawkeye State’s creeks and rivers won’t rise too mightily this spring. But the National Weather Service and weather experts are warning […]

Easy Secrets To Keeping A Healthy Home Water Pipeline

In the fine print of most every homeowners insurance policy are these potentially terrifying and expensive words: “Policy does not cover water damage caused by maintenance problems.” While accidental water issues like burst pipes are covered, neglected pipes will be left out in the non-covered code in case of a winter home water damage disaster. […]

Telltale Signs of A Dying House Floor

  Observation Is Key To Knowing When To Say Goodbye Your 3-year-old daughter starts using the loose hallway floorboards as a teeter-totter. Your beloved poodle Max mysteriously disappears one day while eating his food on the kitchen floor. The dining room floor caves in. Unfortunately, aging floors in need of replacement are rarely this obvious. It’s […]

Iowa’s CO Protection Plan

New State Law Requiring Detectors Designed To Give Homeowners Safe Guard Against Silent Killer No warning. No trace. No odor. No chance. Like a grim reaper in the night, carbon monoxide claims the lives of 430 unsuspecting Americans per year, according to U.S. Centers for Disease Controls statistics. Thankfully, Iowa homeowners will get protection against […]

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