Is Your Home Ready For The Wrath of Winter?

Forecasters predict ‘teeth-chattering cold’ and ‘plentiful snow’ for Hawkeye State

Beware and prepare, for the Weather Grinch is back.

Winter is coming in like a lion in Iowa, leaving many owners of older homes wondering if their houses will hold up like fierce lions, or tap out like lambs.

Old Man Winter rarely goes easy on the Hawkeye State’s homes, and for homes unprepared for the fury of the coldest months and most brutal weather of the year, our Magic Weather 8-Ball foresees costly trouble ahead. As wind chills dipped into the single digits from Council Bluffs to Dubuque in early November, early signs point to a fierce Iowa winter.

The Des Moines Register is predicting an extremely rough season that will have many an Iowan singing the blues and dreaming of tropical getaways. The Farmers’ Almanac echos that pessimistic forecast, predicting “teeth-chattering cold” with “plentiful snow” in its Midwest 2018-19 winter outlook.

“Get ready to walk in a winter wonderland of freezing cold and an abundance of snow this year,” the Register’s Linh Ta writes.

As the website Thrillist, which ranks Iowa’s weather as 11th most unbearable in the nation, puts it, “Iowans deal with a super confluence of (expletive) weather.”

Unprepared houses can fall victim to a number of debilitating winter-related injuries, from frozen and bursting pipes to collapsed roofs to failing furnaces. According to the insurance provider Munich Re, winter weather caused $1 billion in insured losses in 2016 alone.

Remember, houses are just like children. They need constant attention and love.

“Take time to protect your investment,” the Washington Post’s Justin Pierce stresses.

Now is the perfect time to review your home’s Winter Preparation Check List and make sure you have all your boxes checked.

  1. Check your home’s heating and air conditioning system
  2. Paint, calk and seal exterior wood
  3. Seal your masonry and hard surfaces
  4. Check your drainage and pipes
  5. Clean and inspect your gutters
  6. Clean and service your furnace and chimney
  7. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  8. Insulate your attic or crawl space
  9. Install storm windows\
  10. Repair loose roofing shingles
  11. Look for ailing tree limbs
  12. Secure outdoor water sources

Ensuring your home is ready for winter also ensures you will be saving big time on costly repairs this season.

“Ensuring your home is prepared properly can save you a nice chunk of change while protecting your property for years to come,” HGTV’s Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore write.

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