Foretelling Signs of a Roof About to Start Crying

September 12 was a lousy, but tolerable rainy Thursday night in Dubuque as the Rauen Family weathered a torrential thunderstorm that was pouring down an inch of rain an hour on Iowa’s Key City. The Rauens huddled inside the comfort of their sure-fire rain repellent 15-year-old home in Dubuque’s midtown. Then water came cascading down […]

The Smart Home Repair Projects of Fall

Act Now & Save Money, Time & Discomfort Come Winter Autumn is the season of falling leaves, kids returning to school, and football returning to fields nationwide. And even though the calendar may seem as if it’s more packed than a school bus, fall is the perfect time to tackle home repair and maintenance projects […]

Big Roofing Maintenance Mistakes Lead to Big-Time Roofing Problems

It’s the important home roof maintenance decisions we don’t make that come back to haunt us the most. Our home’s first line of defense against the outside elements needs educated, fiscally-smart, attentive care to allow it to effectively do its job and stand up against nature’s often harsh wrath. Performing regular roofing maintenance can extend […]

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