No Nostalgia, Only Danger & Lost Value In Rotting Outdoor House Steps

There are some household items with extreme sentimental value that we cling and hold on to, despite whether their best, most useful days are behind them. Your beautiful oak grandfather’s clock that hasn’t chimed since 2003. Your grandmother’s fine china. Your dad’s old Steinway grand piano with the 11 flat keys. Unfortunately, crumbling, unsightly, dangerous […]

Telltale Signs of A Dying House Floor

  Observation Is Key To Knowing When To Say Goodbye Your 3-year-old daughter starts using the loose hallway floorboards as a teeter-totter. Your beloved poodle Max mysteriously disappears one day while eating his food on the kitchen floor. The dining room floor caves in. Unfortunately, aging floors in need of replacement are rarely this obvious. It’s […]

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