Telltale Signs of A Dying House Floor


Observation Is Key To Knowing When To Say Goodbye

Your 3-year-old daughter starts using the loose hallway floorboards as a teeter-totter.

Your beloved poodle Max mysteriously disappears one day while eating his food on the kitchen floor.

The dining room floor caves in.

Unfortunately, aging floors in need of replacement are rarely this obvious. It’s not always easy to tell the difference between floors that can be brought back to life with some TLC and old-fashioned elbow grease, and floors that are truly beyond repair and in need of replacement.

“Hardwood floors hold up for 100 years or more. Problem is, without regular care, floors get dull and dingy,” notes Riva Richmond of This Old House Magazine.

So how does an overworked, over-stressed homeowner know when it’s time to replace their home’s floors? Here’s Angie’s List’s rundown of 10 Telltale Warning Signs of Floors Headed For Trouble:

  1. So Many Cracks You’re Bound To Break Your Mother’s Back: Not only are floor cracks a breeding ground for insects and mites, cracks naturally lead to more cracks.
  2. More Out of Style Than Grandma’s Beloved Flower Couch: If your floors look like they might have been around when James Madison wrote the U.S. Constitution or when Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address, it’s time to replace them.
  3. An Open-Air Ceiling: If your ceiling has leaks, the laws of averages dictate your floors probably do to, and even worse, are suffering from significant water damage.
  4. Your Carpet’s On Its Death Bed: Stained, dirty and dusty carpets seemingly immune to your vacuum cleaner’s best efforts are surefire signs of a carpet that has reached its expiration date.
  5. Flooded Floors: Any floors beaten up by past flooding and showing signs of softness, water staining and visible rotten need to be set out to pasture.
  6. Your Tile Has The Gout: If your tile is showing heavy duty gout, stains and mildew, there’s no facelift that can save it.
  7. Pet Damage Is Part of Your Floor’s Complexion: If your pet marks his spot for your floor’s life, your current flooring is no shape to host your judgmental in-laws for Thanksgiving.
  8. Peeling Linoleum: Remember, oranges should peel easily, apples should peel with no help, bananas should shred skin, not your linoleum.
  9. Sand-Proof Floors: If your hardwood floors have been sanded down so much they can’t withstand future sanding, it’s time to say goodbye.
  10. An Ugly Shade of Mold: Moldy floors are a surefire sign of floors dangerous to you and your family’s health.

Remember, your floors will let you know when they need some TLC, but only if you’re paying attention. Listen to your floors, and know what they’re telling you. They just might be telling you it’s time to say goodbye and hello to a new safer and more stylish flooring surface for your home and family.

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