Big Roofing Maintenance Mistakes Lead to Big-Time Roofing Problems

It’s the important home roof maintenance decisions we don’t make that come back to haunt us the most.

Our home’s first line of defense against the outside elements needs educated, fiscally-smart, attentive care to allow it to effectively do its job and stand up against nature’s often harsh wrath.

Performing regular roofing maintenance can extend your roof’s life by many years and enable to better protect the most important investment of your life.

But before attempting major roofing work yourself, adhere to the first rule of roofing maintenance: Know the difference between good roofing maintenance and bad roofing maintenance.

Here’s a rundown of the Top 10 Most Common Roofing Mistakes Homeowners Make When They Try To Do It Themselves:

  • Don’t Know Your Roof? Call A Professional For Repairs Or Installation: If you have little or no experience in the construction industry, don’t try to do major work yourself. This can lead to serious problems, burning a ton of money, and most importantly, personal injury.
  • Retire Old Shingles, Don’t Cover Them: Sure, leaving old shingles on the house saves money, but leaving old shingles in place instead of retiring them can hide problems that otherwise would be easily fixed.
  • Don’t Give Your Gutters The Two-Minute Cleaning Treatment: You wouldn’t trust your infant baby to clean themselves. Gutters too have absolutely no self-cleaning skills. Improperly sloped gutters or the failure to clean gutters regularly can lead to water tracking uncontested into all kinds of areas where you don’t want it, including your roof, walls and around your homes. Clogged and poorly installed gutters can lead to a lot of Benjamin Franklins in damage. The bottom line: A regular gutter maintenance schedule always saves money.
  • Not Giving Your Roof The Full Felt Treatment: Roofing felt provides an added layer of protection and stops moisture from reaching the back side of shingles. It’s also inexpensive and easy to install. Not going felt won’t leave you with a good sense of roof security in the long run.
  • Bad Ventilation Blues: Without adequate ventilation to prevent moisture buildup from inside the house, your home’s roof can take on serious damage, including dry rot and mold.
  • Blown-In Insulation Equals Pinned Down Vents: Often the damage equivalent of insufficient ventilation, blown-in insulation added to your attic after your roof is installed can block soffit vents. Be sure to make sure your vents are unblocked before and after installing insulation and make it a habit to have a look at your attic at least once annually.
  • Bad Skylighting: Improperly installed and leaky Do-It-Yourself skylights often lead to expensive professional repairs.
  • Curse Of The Wrong Roof Nails: Nails must be of sufficient length to firmly attach singles to your roof. Unprotected nails rust and offer water an easy drive into your roof. Also remember, professionals’ rule of thumb is to use four roof nails per shingle and six for oversized shingles.
  • The Overstacked Attic: Remember, allowing moisture to escape from the house is vital to your roof’s overall health. Venting bathroom fans, kitchen vents and even plumbing stacks into your attic and can trap moisture inside your home. The last thing you want is your roof dealing with excessive moisture underneath it as it battles excessive moisture on top of it
  • Non-Winning Flashing Installation: Flashing provides overlap when needed, but if it’s not correctly overlapping the material it is protecting, it is useless.

Remember, call the roof doctors when needed. For the surefire answer to any roofing maintenance or repair issues you’re unknowledgable on or unsure about completing yourself is a roofing professional. Roofing companies (which require research themselves) have both the proper tools and knowledge to maintain your roof correctly and keep it healthy, vibrant and properly defending your home against nature’s ever-unpredictable elements.

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