Storm Windows Provide Inexpensive Protection From Season’s Unpredictable Weather

As everyone who’s ever lived a day in Iowa knows all too well, the weather can go from pleasant to crazy without a second’s notice.

Iowa’s famously unpredictable spring weather and its often fierce rain, wind and hail storms can ravage unprepared houses. Fortunately, a simple, smart, inexpensive storm defense system can enable your home’s most vulnerable points to survive the strongest spring storms unscathed, and your energy bills to stay on a steady, healthy, low-cash diet.

Call this story Storm Windows To The Rescue. For anyone homeowner dealing with drafty windows, read further before you invest in pricy complete window replacements, which as Angie’s List notes, can range between $800 to $1,000 on average per installation.

As State states, “less expensive than complete window replacements, storm windows add a layer of protection to your home and help increase your comfort.”

Storm windows are windows that are mounted either inside or outside the pane of an existing window. They live up to their name, protecting windows with an extra layer of insulation and insurance from the elements. Plus, storm windows keep homes warmer. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, storm windows can reduce your annual heating and cooling costs by 12 to 33 percent and slash home air infiltration by 64 percent.

That’s a cheap home security detail against unpredictable seasonal storms. Running $150-$300 on average, storm windows, as The Craftsman’s Scott Sidler stresses, “are well below the cost of a replacement window, and you get the energy performance of a new double-paned window.”

“Storm windows can dramatically extend the life of your existing windows,” Sidler says. “By keeping (your windows) protected from the elements, you minimize the regular maintenance that is required as well.”

For older, drafty homes with single-pane windows, storm windows,’s Jeanne Sager writes, “are a smart add-on.”

Plus, they are easy to install for DIYers, taking contractors out of the equation. However, like everything, storm windows do have their drawbacks. Most can’t be opened, making them susceptible to dust buildup and tough to clean. But storm windows’ pros greatly outnumber their few cons. For most any older home lying in the heart of America’s tornado alley (the Disaster Center ranks Iowa sixth in the nation for tornado frequency), investing in storm windows is smart money.

Good for your home’s energy efficiency, air defense and healthy for your wallet, storm window, Sager says, “are a budget-friendly alternative to replacing old windows entirely with energy-efficient models.”

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