How To Keep Your Home Cool During The Ruthless Heat of Summer

As the late, great Don Henley would say, “the heat is on.” Outside, the weather is, in a word, sizzling. It’s so hot the devil has the AC on. A dog is chasing a rabbit and they’re both walking. Even the sidewalk is sweating.

“Summer weather has arrived in eastern Iowa,” CBS 2 Cedar Rapids meteorologist Brandon Marshall said.

Iowa summers are beautiful, but we all know they can be hotter than hellfire on the Fourth of July. As homeowners prepare to crank the AC to keep the heat at bay and their homes in the shade, here are some ace tips on how stay cool and prevent this summer’s heatwaves from melting your checkbook.

Protect Your Roof And Shingles

Nobody endures summer’s sauna more than your roof and shingles. Intense summer heat can reduce the lifespan of your roof, create cracks and dry patches and bleach and break shingles. Immediately consult a professional if you notice any of these issues.

Seal Your Deck

The unforgiving sun can bake wooden decks and patios like the sand in the desert and leaving your wood looking like scorched Earth. Sealing your deck and patio with a UV-resistant coating that protects against both the sun and rain is the easiest way to extend the life of your wood and the beauty of your deck and patio.

Maximize Your Fans’ Cooling Power

Ceiling fans can take dry, hot air out of your home, but changing their direction to run counterclockwise can take dollars out of your energy bill. Don’t forget to turn on your bathroom fan when you shower.

For older homes without AC, build fan fortresses to create cross-breezes by placing fans in windows or hallways.

Block Your Windows

Closing your blinds can reduce heat again by 45 percent according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Invest in shades or drapes that are designed to both block heat in the summer and cold in the winter. Consider installing awning, which can reduce heat by 77 percent. Also, install film on existing windows. Window tint absorbs solar radiation while reflective film reflects the sun’s rays and is more transparent than window tint. Window film protects windows year-around and has an average life span of 10 years.

Kill The Lights

Nothing saves money like the beautiful power of natural sunlight. Keep the lights and powerful electronics off, as they produce heat. Use compact fluorescent or LED lamps instead of incandescent bulbs.

Wallet Hub pegs the average Iowa home monthly energy costs at $251 ($108 for electricity). Smart, simple and easy heat defense methods can keep your home cool during the dog days of summer and ice any chance of summer raising the thermostat on your home’s cooling costs.


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