380 Companies Offering Free Car Sanitizing Using a Hot Fog Medical-Grade Disinfectant

380 Companies is offering free car sanitizing to first responders, front line workers and even general public.

Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm tents are set to provide a hot fog medical grade disinfectant for your car. This fog can actually reach places a normal cleaning with a rag would miss.

Bryan Ballard, a Restoration Manager with 380 Companies, says, “We’ll thermal fog their car, which is like a hot mist of disinfectant, we let that set for five minutes. Once that’s set then we go into the car and wipe it down with the same disinfectant.”

The tents will remain up (at 5607 4th St Ct SW, Cedar Rapids, IA) as long as COVID-19 is a threat to the public.

The crew is taking voluntary donations that they will hand over to HACAP.



  • CBS2Iowa 
  • Image source: Iowa’s News Now / Jason Meyer
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