Client Testimonial: The Allen Family

From Anne and Bill Allen:

A year ago last January when our state was in a deep freeze we received a phone call from our neighbor that we had a water pipe break. I did not understand the extent of damage 34,000 gallons of water could do until receiving pictures. Our insurance company contacted 380 Companies out of Cedar Rapids, which was the best part of that horrible day! Immediately we were contacted by a 380 representative that had been to our house to begin the long process of drying out and trying to salvage items that could be saved.

The employees of 380 supported us through our six month journey of tearing down and rebuilding our house. They were always in contact with us via phone conversations, emails, and  many trips to our house. They helped design, suggest, and listen to my concerns. Their workmanship was superior and helped make my visions come true. At the end of the six months we happily moved back into our new home. We were grateful to have 380 Companies as our partner and our new friends!

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