What to Do Now in the Aftermath of the 2020 Iowa Derecho

Armed with hurricane and EF-2 tornado force, violent winds straight out of a disaster movie roared through Cedar Rapids and the Iowa City corridor on Monday, August 10. The fallout was stunning, heartbreaking and incredibly costly. “It’s unlike anything we’ve seen recently,” Mid-American Energy spokesperson Tina Hoffman told The Des Moines Register. The monster storm, […]

Don’t Be Shocked By The Rising Cost of Home Ownership

Most homeowners know the toughest rule of the American Dream: the meter is always running. The U.S. Census Bureau pegs the average cost of running a household at $1,408 per month. That’s a daily homeownership cost of nearly $47. The cost of your mortgage, home maintenance, insurance and utilities adds up fast. Unfortunately, there are […]

Great Winter Flood of 2016 Threatens Midwest Homes & Businesses

Along the lower Mississippi River todays lies stunning, costly, heartbreaking and immensely painful images of the destruction and devastation floodwaters have inflicted on thousands of Midwest U.S. home and business owners, their families, employees and customers. The Mighty Mississippi’s waters continue to rise to record levels in many low-lying areas in Missouri and Illinois as […]

No House on a Shaky Foundation Has a Solid Future

No house built on a shaky foundation has a solid future. It’s a harsh truth and sinking feeling many American homeowners discover every day. Shifting soil can lead to an avalanche of foundation issues and costly home repairs. A recent New York Times study found that stabilizing and shoring up foundations costs homeowners more than […]

Carbon Monoxide (CO): The Silent Home Killer

It’s often called the “silent killer.” Carbon Monoxide’s nickname is well-earned. It invades your home like an invisible man. You can’t see it, feel it, hear it or smell it. CO is the No. 1 cause of accidental poisoning in the United States. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports carbon monoxide kills 450 […]

Dirty Gutters Equal Expensive Home Headaches

Life in the gutter isn’t easy, especially if you’re tasked with keeping your home dry and routing rainwater away from your residence. When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? If the answer is only when they become loaded with leaves, that’s the wrong answer. We understand the words don’t scream excitement. Cleaning gutters […]

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