The Smart Home Repair Projects of Fall

Act Now & Save Money, Time & Discomfort Come Winter Autumn is the season of falling leaves, kids returning to school, and football returning to fields nationwide. And even though the calendar may seem as if it’s more packed than a school bus, fall is the perfect time to tackle home repair and maintenance projects […]

The Most Expensive Home Repair Issues

On any given day, the average American home faces numerous potential damage and potential costly repair threats. That means on any given day, the Average American homeowner faces numerous potential damage or costly repair headaches that can’t be fixed by a 1000 milligrams of Excedrin. Keeping your home defended from the many threats it faces […]

Lightning: The Unpredictable Home & Property Threat

Lighting can strike anywhere, anytime. And if there’s one constant about lightning’s remarkable unpredictability, its timing is rarely good. Unless you’re Marty McFly and Doc Brown trying to find a way to get back to 1985 in “Back To The Future,” lightning strikes rarely deliver good news. And when lightning strikes your home or property, […]

Reading the Fine Print of Home Insurance Policies

What do hospital gowns and insurance policies have in common? You’re never covered as much as you think you are. For homeowners, there are few worse surprises in life than finding out the disaster you think is covered in your home insurance is nowhere to be found in the fine print. We know pursuing insurance […]

Make Sure You’re Insured Before Winter’s Fury Sets In

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ~ Benjamin Franklin If only winter’s wrath stopped at slick sidewalks, frosted windshields and shoveling the driveway. Last year winter-caused insurance catastrophes put a $2.3 billion hurt on American home, auto and business owners according to the Insurance Information Institute. That migraine-enducing and checkbook-numbing number […]

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