Lightning: The Unpredictable Home & Property Threat

Lighting can strike anywhere, anytime. And if there’s one constant about lightning’s remarkable unpredictability, its timing is rarely good. Unless you’re Marty McFly and Doc Brown trying to find a way to get back to 1985 in “Back To The Future,” lightning strikes rarely deliver good news. And when lightning strikes your home or property, […]

Spring Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

“No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn.” – Author Hal Borland We’ve weathered the snow storms, endured the cold and survived the woes of the calendar’s cruelest months. Even the notorious winter-loving Punxsutawney Phil has shed his shadow and is saying bring on spring. The sun will soon rise on the year’s most hopeful […]

Great Winter Flood of 2016 Threatens Midwest Homes & Businesses

Along the lower Mississippi River todays lies stunning, costly, heartbreaking and immensely painful images of the destruction and devastation floodwaters have inflicted on thousands of Midwest U.S. home and business owners, their families, employees and customers. The Mighty Mississippi’s waters continue to rise to record levels in many low-lying areas in Missouri and Illinois as […]

No House on a Shaky Foundation Has a Solid Future

No house built on a shaky foundation has a solid future. It’s a harsh truth and sinking feeling many American homeowners discover every day. Shifting soil can lead to an avalanche of foundation issues and costly home repairs. A recent New York Times study found that stabilizing and shoring up foundations costs homeowners more than […]

El Nino Bringing Sweet Energy Cost Relief for U.S. Homeowners

Old Man Winter is the last person home owners expect to bring them a Christmas present, but this winter could actually bring sweet heating cost relief to U.S. households. Homeowners should send thank you cards to El Nino. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates most American households can expect lower heating expenditures this winter (October […]

Biohazards: A Living, Breathing Threat to America’s Homes and Businesses

Today, there are life-threatening biohazards and biotoxins living and breathing undetected in millions of American homes and businesses. Unsuspecting home and business owners from coast to coast are unknowingly living and working with dangerous biohazards. Hiding in the air they breathe, hiding in the walls and furniture they use, and extreme cases, the water they […]

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