Storm Windows Provide Inexpensive Protection From Season’s Unpredictable Weather

As everyone who’s ever lived a day in Iowa knows all too well, the weather can go from pleasant to crazy without a second’s notice. Iowa’s famously unpredictable spring weather and its often fierce rain, wind and hail storms can ravage unprepared houses. Fortunately, a simple, smart, inexpensive storm defense system can enable your home’s […]

How To Avoid A Home Heist

Investing In A Smart Home Security System A Must To Defend Against ‘Creatures of Opportunity’ Chances are, in the time you spend reading this story, 9 to 10 American homes will be burglarized. A home heist occurs every 13 seconds in the United States, according to FBI statistics. That equals an average of over a […]

Don’t Let Your Dream Home Improvement Project Turn Into A Money Pit

Summer is primetime for home improvements. For every homeowner’s best intention of improving the livability, quality and value of their home comes a hard truth: Most American homeowners can’t afford to swing and miss on a major home improvement project. While two-time NBA world champion Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors can afford to […]

Tips to Avoid Tree Damage to Your Home

Even The Mightiest Oak Tree Needs The Occasional Haircut There’s few more welcoming and soothing features in American yards than a mighty oak, dogwood or maple tree offering shade, comfort and beauty to your home’s landscape. Having a beloved generations old tree older than your home is having your own living Norman Rockwell painting. Alas, […]

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